Meet the Runners – #3 – Kati


The above is an interaction I had with Kati’s husband, and fellow teammate of ours, Andrew, after I’d posted Michael’s meet the runner profile. It made me laugh so I had to share…the picture of it…not Kati’s details. Haha.

Now…on to Kati! I’ve had the good fortune of knowing Kati for more than 15 years. She’s truly one of the good ones. We’re proud, and quite frankly, lucky to have her join us last year. Every year has a Ragnar Rookie and sometimes a few but Kati was 2021’s lone rookie on the team.

I know that Andrew bugged her about joining for a year or two and he finally convinced her. Ragnar Trail Michigan was tough on all of us as we were all rookies to the trail format but when you’ve never been a part of this team, the first year is always tough for one reason or another.

I know that Kati, being a former collegiate runner, wasn’t happy when she told me that she walked a lot of the last leg of the race. To which, I said, “It’s ok. We’re not here to win or even set any records. It’s about the journey and you survived.”

I truly was happy and proud of Kati for all of the hardwork she put in last year and I think having been through it and understanding the challenge, I honestly felt she wanted another shot at it and that’s part of why she’s back for another go at it.

Usually, this is where I ask folks who are friends or family members to support her by donating in her name to our cause of choice but if you’ve read yesterday’s post, you know what we are gearing up for something special this Monday so I’d ask that if you’re a fan, friend, or family member that hasn’t donated yet to support the Dee Family, please read our latest post (link below) and you’ll understand why we’re asking you to wait till Monday.

Light The Match!

After Monday, we’ll repost this and ask you all to jump in. Kati’s pretty awesome and we hope to hear from you all then!


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