Let’s Finish Strong!


Hills are great metaphors for anything tough. Sometimes they’re little and you can fly up and then down but then sometimes, they’re just plain daunting as you come across one after another. Other times, you come across one and you’re not sure how you could ever get up that darn thing.

The one in the picture is a bit like the latter description and it’s not a metaphor at all. It is most definitely waiting for us out there at Ragnar Trail Michigan. During last year’s race, Jenn warned me that there was on the Yellow Loop that was an absolute doozy and that a “power hike”, and there were a lot of those out there, would be necessary but this one in particular was noticeable. I asked her where it was exactly and she couldn’t quite remember the mile marker but that it was a “you’ll know it when you get to it” kind of a deal.


As we just hit the Easter holiday, our group of friends and I received a text from the Dee Family that their immigration approval came in the mail and that “the pressure is on” as they could realistically travel in the next few weeks.

With today beginning our matching opportunity, looking at raising an additional $1,500 for them, and thinking about what to write here, it made me feel that much of this process has had to feel like that hill for them. More appropriately, it’s probably felt like a series of hills like that, I’d imagine.

For those of you who have kids, you know the feeling of loving them so much that you’d move mountains for them if you had to do so. For the Dees, they’ve faced a mountain just to bring their daughter home. That’s just an incredible thing and our hope is that we can aid them in climbing that mountain.

So here’s where we’re at:

We’ve got the ability to match the $1,500 through a very generous donor who’s been with us for years. From there, we’ll be able to take those dollars and apply what’s left towards the Dee’s Matching Grant which has approximately $1841 left.

That’s going to give us the ability to take this from $5838.48 that’s netted out as of right now and get $3,000 prior to GoFundMe and Facebook fees, which should allow us to wipe out the rest of their grant. That’ll get us to the $9500 range in total funds raised because of Runners Doing Good’s efforts and then we’d still have $1159 left over.

Our efforts should help the campaign reach $10,000 for the very first time. That’d be amazing for them and be quite the testament to the creativity of our efforts.

So how can you help?

If you’re on Facebook, please visit:

Runners Doing Good for Dee Family Adoption!

If you’re NOT on Facebook, please visit our GoFundMe Page:

Runners Doing Good for Dee Family Adoption

And if you’re already donated, please SHARE, SHARE, SHARE!!!!

Thank you all for your consideration and hopefully your generosity. We and the Dee Family, especially, truly appreciate you all.


Gabe & Team Runners Doing Good


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