It’s Time to Look Towards 2021

It’s simply time to look at 2021.

Time For A Break

It’s been a crazy month or so. Shoot, the whole year has been nuts but this last month has been a challenge. I never thought we’d have the opportunity to relaunch the wristband initiative and we did. I’m truly grateful to the Fort 4 Fitness for partnering with us. I figured that they’d be theContinue reading “Time For A Break”

Triple Play!!!

Buy a wristband and make an impact within the Fort Wayne community as the proceeds will go towards projects for NeighborLink Fort Wayne, towards sponsoring children’s participation in the Fort 4 Fitness kids’ marathon, and the furthering of Runners Doing Good’s effort to support Fort Wayne charities through its operations.

RDG’s Top 10 – #2 Artie ’17

When you’ve known someone as long as I’ve known Artie, when you see them accomplish something like this, it’s special. 2017’s Ragnar Relay, our last year in Chicago, featured some moments that were definitely special. Leading up to the race, we had an opening pop up late in our preparations. Artie, who’d helped by drivingContinue reading “RDG’s Top 10 – #2 Artie ’17”

RDG’s Top 10 – #3 The Heat ’16

In 2015, we ran and completed our first Ragnar Relay. It felt like an amazing accomplishment and rightfully so: 200 miles of running over the course of a 31 hours was, and still is amazing to me. Not knowing how good we’d be and despite varying distances over the following years, that is still ourContinue reading “RDG’s Top 10 – #3 The Heat ’16”

RDG’s Top 10 – #4 Finish Line ’18

Open Space Park in Traverse City, despite it’s cold, was the most fun finisher we’ve ever had. * Spoiler Alert * 2015, our first team’s finish meant more, but this was easily the most fun. ’18’s team was just special in a lot of ways. As close as other teams were, this team was newContinue reading “RDG’s Top 10 – #4 Finish Line ’18”

RDG’s Top 10 – #5 Pre-Race Meal in ’18 & ’19

This picture was taken from dinner this past year in Whitehall, MI. I rate these two dinners so highly because they really were the beginning of another phase for the team. We’ve had change on the team and I think that’s something which brings growth. For us though, from ’17 to ’18, the team reallyContinue reading “RDG’s Top 10 – #5 Pre-Race Meal in ’18 & ’19”