Hello.  My name is Gabe and I’m the Founder and Captain of Team Runnin’ Not Walken.  We are a Fort Wayne, In based running team that has over the last 4 years, ran for the sake of charity within our community and our hope is to continue to carry on with a mission to help and support others within our community and beyond through our running aspirations.

This blog was started following a few years of inspiration and, in fact, on a somewhat limited basis it has existed via twitter, @runnersdoingood. The general idea has been that run-gooders, will explain more later, who are out there beating the pavement and doing so for a good cause, get highlighted.  I don’t highlight them for the purpose of telling them how great they are although they certain deserve it.  I try to help them with their efforts.  I know first-hand how difficult it can be to raise money and awareness for a cause, no matter how great the cause or charity it might be, sometimes having someone share your story, effort, or cause at the right time can truly make a difference.

And that’s what this will hopefully be about.  There’s far too much negativity in this world and as, Tim Green, who’s been an absolute inspiration in this effort, once said, “If runners don’t support each other, who will?”  I couldn’t agree more so please know that the plan is to see how we can truly be there and support each other through this effort and I hope you join in the fun.





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