Do Good Run Good

We believe that every day is a privilege. Let’s use each day to our best ability to make an impact in our communities in some way. Just like each day is a privilege, running is as well. We’ll not always be able to run steady and strong, fast and easy, nor pain-free, so let’s use this gift we have now, while we can, to not only get our miles in but to make them count as much as possible.

Founded in 2015 just as a way to have some fun with friends and get in better shape while doing so, founder Gabe Arnold, never thought we’d be in this position today.

Not long after putting the first line-up together the thought, that something as epic as a Ragnar Relay being a tool for good, was discussed. That essentially turned this from a one-off adventure into something far more.

Runnin’ Not Walken, as it was known then, would go on to raise $2,250 against a $1,000 goal that the team wasn’t even sure it could get. And they were just getting started. Now, 6 races and 7 campaigns later, the team, as of late 2021, has raised nearly $33,000 for area causes with the last 3 running campaigns, that reached completion, hitting a minimum of $5,000. We’re certainly a long way from that first year!

This all has become a wonderful suprise with how it all has snowballed and built upon itself throughout the years but as long as we’re able and people are willing to support the efforts that the team puts in, we’ll continue to try to make our miles count by helping organizations, individuals, and causes within our world through our athletic efforts.

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