Triple Play!!!

When we started this year, we had 3 goals:

  1. Meet our goal for NeighborLink Fort Wayne
  2. Become more self-sufficient group so we’re not so reliant on sponsorship for our operations
  3. Find a way to make a more direct impact within our community

With our Triple Play Promotion, all 3 are converging at once and we couldn’t be more excited. This year, we purchased some wristbands and have tried to sell them outright with little success but admittedly with the pandemic, anything fundraising related has been, at minimum, difficult.

So, today, we’d like to kick things off again! Visit the store or click the picture below to purchase your own Runners Doing Good wristband knowing that you’re making an impact in the Fort Wayne community.

Get yours today!

Your purchases impact the Fort Wayne community and meets Runners Doing Good’s goals for 2020 by splitting the proceeds 3 ways:

  1. One third of the proceeds, rounded up to the nearest dollar, will go to NeighborLink Fort Wayne. If you’re not familiar with NLFW, their mission “is simple: practical neighbor to neighbor expressions of God’s Love.” This is our second year working to benefit them. IN 2019, we raised nearly $7500 for them. This year, we started off with our best fundraising month ever in March, and then everything with the pandemic hit and the whole path we were to take this completely changed. Our major annual event to benefit them was cancelled and fundraising, as a whole, ground to a halt. We see our $5,000 goal as a promise and we’re just less than $2,000 short. This is a way that we can get closer to that goal. All dollars raised to benefit them go towards projects which range from roof repairs to wheel chair ramp construction to furnace replacement and repairs which is what the dollars from last year’s campaign went to. They’re simply one of the best organizations our fine city has to offer and they do everything with a servant’s heart for others. We’re proud of what we’ve accomplished for them in the past and look forward to meeting that promise for them once again.
  2. One third of the proceeds, rounded up to the nearest dollar, will go to sponsor new sign-ups for children to participate in the Fort 4 Fitness. With everything going on in the world, registration is considerably lower but they assure me they’re doing everything they can do to once again hold another incredible event that does all it can to keep its runners safe and healthy. Every $10 raised now through July 31, will be donated to help cover the cost of one child participating. The Fort 4 Fitness is, I believe, the best community event we have. Childhood obesity is a real issue in our world and if Runners Doing Good can promote kids being active along with participating in a positive and fun event within our city, we’re all about it, and we’re truly grateful to the Fort 4 Fitness committee for allowing us to be a part of this. If we can help 10 kids participate we’ll be thrilled but we’d love to make it so that 100 more can as well.
  3. Lastly, whatever is left, will go to help fund Runners Doing Good‘s operations as we turn our focus towards 2021. We’ve been truly blessed to be supported by so many area businesses in the past such as Ash Brokerage, Parkview Health, Coldwell Banker Roth Wehrly Graber, Don Ayres Honda, Steel Dynamics, Do it Best Corp, Cap n Cork, OmniSource, and many others. That said, this year, with the pandemic, getting sponsorship to fund our efforts, which have resulted in more than $25,000 being donated to local charities, was very difficult. Fortunately, with our event being deferred to 2021, we had enough money to cover our registration. Being able to be more self-funded through the sale of these wristbands will allow us to get a head start on covering the last of our expenses for our 2021 needs, allowing whatever business sponsorships we get for next year to pour directly into the fundraiser.

The wristbands are on sale within our “store” for $10. and you can choose how many you’d like to purchase using PayPal.

If you have any questions about NeighborLink, Fort4Fitness, or Runners Doing Good, please do not hesitate to reach out via email at

Thank you all for your consideration!


Gabe Arnold – Founder, Runners Doing Good



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