Why Buy a Wristband: F4F Edition

Runners Doing Good, as announced on July 6th, is selling wristbands to benefit NeighborLink Fort Wayne as part of our annual campaign but also to benefit kids in our community by donating 1/3rd of the proceeds to the Fort 4 Fitness organization to sponsor new sign-ups to the Fort 4 Fitness kids’ marathon.

We realize that with Covid-19 that provides a level of uncertainty to the race this year but the Fort 4 Fitness committee is doing everything they can do to provide for a safe environment for anyone who’d like to participate.

So why support just children? Childhood obesity is real and a problem in our country. The Fort 4 Fitness is a wonderful event that has supported the Fort Wayne community to get out, be active, and choose a healthier lifestyle. If Runners Doing Good, through this effort, is able to make it easier for kids to participate in such a positive community event, and potentially begin to create healthier habits in their lives, we’re all about it.

So what does your purchase look like? For every 10 wristbands sold, at $10 each, equally $100 in sales, after PayPal takes their cut, Runners Doing Good will net out at $96.80. One third, rounded up to the nearest dollar puts NeighborLink Fort Wayne and F4F Kids Marathon Sponsorships at $33 each.

That $33, that sponsors 2-3 kids depending on what the price. At the end of July, it bumps to $15 per child. We have enough bands that if we sold them all, averaging $15 a child, we could sponsor 85 kids. We’d be tickled to say we supported 5-10 but we could do more, we’d be ecstatic.

So let’s support our community! Make a Purchase….Make a Difference!

Visit the Runners Doing Good Store at the top of the page or click HERE to go over there and make that purchase.

Any questions, please let us know!



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