Why Buy a RDG Wristband: NLFW

Runners Doing Good, as announced on July 6th, is selling wristbands to benefit NeighborLink Fort Wayne as part of our annual campaign but also to benefit kids in our community by donating 1/3rd of the proceeds to the Fort 4 Fitness organization to sponsor new sign-ups to the Fort 4 Fitness kids’ marathon.

Why are we pushing these wristbands to benefit NeighborLink Fort Wayne? First, because NLFW is an amazing organization and I’ll go into more detail on that in a bit but lastly, we made a promise. Some may consider it a goal but we’ve never failed to hit our goal so to us, it’s a promise.

In 2019, we raised nearly $7,500 to benefit them and they put it to good use. Please watch the video below to learn more how those funds were used.

NeighborLink Fort Wayne, used funds from our efforts to repair and replace furnaces to keep area residents warm

When you know what NeighborLink is about: “neighbor to neighbor expressions of God’s Love” and then you see them take the fruits of your efforts and apply them in that manner, it’s humbling.

For me personally, I hate being cold. I hate seeing my family cold. I’d much rather have it be warm and so in the winter time, I hate thinking about anyone being cold. When NLFW took those funds and used them to make people’s homes warm, it was really touching.

They are absolutely the type of organization that we’re proud to support and we’re about $2000 away. Selling a few wristbands won’t get us the rest of the way but it’ll help.

Visit the Team Store now to make your purchase.



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