Time For A Break

It’s been a crazy month or so. Shoot, the whole year has been nuts but this last month has been a challenge. I never thought we’d have the opportunity to relaunch the wristband initiative and we did. I’m truly grateful to the Fort 4 Fitness for partnering with us. I figured that they’d be the hardest to convince and they came back with an enthusiastic YES when they gave me the thumbs up.

Admittedly, any other year and this would be the type of thing that should take off like wildfire but with the virus, it’s been much more difficult. Enough so that we’ve been pushing this for almost 2 weeks now and just received our first order of 2 wristbands. Only nearly 400 to go! Haha.

I think that’s the thing about the last couple of months and this year really, you’ve got to maintain your sense of humor to keep your sanity. Nothing has gone as it was planned.

That’s ok though. Sometimes the most growth comes from swerves in the road of life….just don’t over correct and out the car in the ditch.

That doesn’t mean that through the growth, you don’t get worn down. Every year, the team has grown and I feel that way as well, however, this year, as well as things started and how we got to here, I am spent.

So I’m taking a break to step away from it all and find some time for my family and I literally away from it all. We had grander plans but are now mainly staying put here in the Hoosier state because of the craziness of the world. Work, life…it’s all been nuts and I just need the quiet…or at least the quiet the being holed up with 3 crazy kids allows.

Kinda like the picture above, one of my favorites, it’s going to be a pretty great run but there’s more road to go.

Here’s to a great step away to refresh and get back on the path when I return.

Cheers everyone!


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