I’m Back! Now For Some Thoughts…


It is amazing what a few days can do for your mental health and even more what 10+ can do for you. I was actually relaxed and ready to go back to work. It felt like I’d been away for what felt like it’d been forever. That’s really a good thing because I feel like I’ve been able to fully step away and recharge which has enabled me to come back ready to work. The vacation wasn’t what we intended in the first place but it ended up being just what we needed for us individually, as a family, and for me personally, it was just what the doctor ordered.

During my time off, I’ve had some time to think and try to make some sense of where we’re at with everything this year. It has been an absolutely crazy year that has been difficult to comprehend what direction to turn towards next.

My first thought occurred on a run that I took at Clifty Falls State Park in Madison, IN. If you’ve never been there, you need to look it up. It’s a very pretty place. I took off from my campsite, #105 to be exact, and wound through the campgrounds a bit and turn a quick right turn into the woods down trail 9.

My goal wasn’t for speed or even for a particular length. Out and back I think it came in at just under 1.5 miles so yea, it wasn’t far. I stopped and turned around when I got to the parking lot for the Clifty Falls pool. It was to experience some trail running that I missed when Ragnar Trail Michigan was cancelled. I absolutely loved it and it got me excited for 2021 (psst…we’re registered already) and that excitement and flood of thoughts kept me thinking about 2020, how to finish it out, and when to start working on 2021.

For this year, it’s pretty safe to assume that any race that matters stands a good chance of being cancelled, which just stinks. It kills me to think about it but I think that’s where it’s going. We’ve take a big swing on the Triple Play Promotion to benefit NFLW, F4F, and RDG, and we’ve sold 3 wristbands. It’s difficult to get excited about selling running accessories when races that people could wear them to aren’t happening. We’ll keep pushing for awhile but I’m on not sure what kind of traction we’ll get there. I’ve only got about 390 more of them so they’re going to be around to sell or give away to say thanks for a donation.

I’ve also thought about calling it short and just pivoting towards 2021. I think there’s big things that we hoped to do here in 2020 that if they break in a positive way, unlike in ’20, we can accomplish them in 2021 and why not start working towards those now?

Our registration for Ragnar Trail Michigan is already covered. We have more than $300 in pockets, towards other expenses already. We probably have $1500 or less to cover, in total, for 2021 and then everything else in sponsorship will go to our charity of choice, which I hope to be NLFW once again. The chance to go big for them in 2021 would be a big deal. I’m just not sure how to get there this year so maybe readjusting and going ALL-OUT in 2021 is the ticket? I just don’t know but these are the thoughts bouncing in my head.

The best thing about the time away is that these aren’t stressful issues. They’re thoughts that have provoked consideration into what the next steps are and I’m excited about them. I’m not dreading them or burdened by them. This is a good thing, no matter what happens this year.

My question to you is…what would you do?

Email me at runnersdoinggood@yahoo.com to let me know your thoughts.

Thanks for reading and sharing your ideas.

Take Care,


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