Runners Doing Good

We are a Fort Wayne based running team with a track record of fundraising success through our epic running endeavours. In 2020, we’re running to benefit NeighborLink Fort Wayne.

Due to the Covid-19 Pandemic, our typical campaign has been derailed somewhat as we’ll not be participating in a long distance relay style event this year but we are committed to having several runners participating in the annual Fort 4 Fitness Festival as well as Ragnar Trail Michigan in 2021.

We still have a goal of $5,000 to meet and exceed for NeighborLink so if you’re interested in helping this wonderful organization, please consider donating. For both donations and to learn more, please click the appropriate button below.

About Us

Our Beliefs

Every day is a privilege. Let’s use each day to our best ability to make an impact in our communities in some way. Just like each day is a privilege, running is as well. We’ll not always be able to run steady and strong, fast and easy, nor pain-free, so let’s use this gift we have now, while we can, to not only get our miles in but to make them count as much as possible.


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