Runners Doing Good

We are a Fort Wayne based running team with a track record of fundraising success through our epic running endeavours. This year we are running to benefit NeighborLink Fort Wayne.

Hang out for awhile and learn more about our team, our history, and our running and fundraising adventures as we aim to raise a lot of miles as we conquer Ragnar Trail Michigan in June!


About Us

Our Beliefs

Every day is a privilege. Let’s use each day to our best ability to make an impact in our communities in some way. Just like each day is a privilege, running is as well. We’ll not always be able to run steady and strong, fast and easy, nor pain-free, so let’s use this gift we have now, while we can, to not only get our miles in but to make them count as much as possible.


Recent Posts

  • 2 WEEKS!
    We’re not done yet and we’re not giving up.
  • Runners Doing Good #2 – Michael
    Don’t let his size fool you, he’s faster than most on our team and that’s saying something. Just don’t get in his way on the trail.
  • Runners Doing Good: #1 – Jenn
    She would admit that she’s not the fastest runner we have but I have rarely, if ever, seen her breakdown and lose her pace. She finds her sweet spot and just keeps running and dictates the pace. It’s something that I’ve always always admired about her. Her consistency is awesome.

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