• 2015
    • January – Runnin’ Not Walken Founded
      • Goal: Get in better shape by training to participate in Ragnar Relay Chicago
      • Discussed raising money for local charity
    • February
      • Contacted Kate’s Kart to receive permission to raise money on their behalf.
      • $1,000 Goal Set
    • March
      • Fundraising begins
    • June
      • Team finishes Ragnar Relay Chicago in 31:07, still our fastest time
      • Finishes with a fundraising total of $2,250 to benefit Kate’s Kart
Front Row L-R: Adam and Artie, Middle Row L-R: Ruso, Lori, Carissa, Ashley Sarah, Hilary, (Missing Courtney), Back Row L-R: Nerk, Ryan, Gabe, Brandon, Joel, and Lucas
  • 2015 Continued
    • October 1st
      • Announces return to Ragnar Relay Chicago to benefit Kate’s Kart again
  • 2016
    • March 1st
      • Campaign to benefit Kate’s Kart begins with a $2750 goal
    • June
      • Team completes Ragnar Relay Chicago despite terrible heat
      • Finishes with a new record of $3610
    • Fall
      • Announces return to Ragnar Relay Chicago once again to benefit Kate’s Kart
Front Row L-R: Jenn, Zach, Chris, Michael, Andrew, and Tony, Back Row L-R Cherri, Ryan, Gabe, Ben, Gregg, Colin, Adam, and Nerk
  • 2017
    • March 1st
      • Campaign to benefit Kate’s Kart begins again, this time with a $4200
    • June
      • Team was sponsored about about 50% of expenses
      • Finishes Ragnar Relay Chicago at Montrose Beach for the 2nd time in 3 years again
      • Second year in a row with heavy heat and wind
      • Most importantly, raises $4,536 for Kate’s Kart
Front Row L-R: Artie, Courtney, Gregg, Jenn, and Gabe. Back Row L-R: Zach, Tayler, Colin, Nerk, Wyatt, Michael, and Andrewe
  • 2017 Continued
    • August
      • Team learns that Ragnar Relay Chicago, due to heat, will be moved to May and on a weekend that we’d not be able to attend.
      • December
        • Team announces that it will be running Ragnar Relay Michigan in September of 2018!
  • 2018
    • July 1st
      • Campaign to benefit Kate’s Kart officially begins with a goal of $4,750
      • Goal is only a small increase due to a high percentage of the team being new
    • August 31st
      • First time we hit $5,000 in fundraising in one campaign!
    • September
      • Team completes our 1st Ragnar Relay Michigan, enduring 40 degree weather and 15+ mph wind over night, in Traverse City
Front Row L-R: Jenn, Amanda, Ashley, Kelly, Cherri, Melissa, Back Row L-R: Amanda, Artie, Ryan, Gabe, Michael, Matt, and Chris
  • 2018 Continued
    • October
      • Finalizes our campaign for Kate’s Kart with a record, $6,510!
      • This was the 1st year the team was fully funded via sponsorship from local businesses
    • November
      • We make the difficult decision to discontinue our efforts for Kate’s Kart:
      • Read more
      • Runners Doing Good website is made
  • 2019
    • January 7
      • Runnin’ Not Walken announces decision to run Ragnar Michigan to benefit NeighborLink Fort Wayne
      • Due to this change, we picked a conservative $5,000 goal
    • August
      • Participated, as a team, in NeighborLink Fort Wayne’s Night Moves, our first team event outside of a Ragnar Relay
    • September
      • Completed Ragnar Road Michigan with a fundraising total of $7,443 for NeighborLink Fort Wayne! Once again, another record.
    • November
      • Team announces evaluations with changes to come
    • December
      • Runnin’ Not Walken announces name change to Runners Doing Good!
        • It is a far more accurate, original, and representative of who we are and what we do and will allow us opportunities for growth going forward.
        • Also allows us to market our own products to create a small revenue stream
          • We announce the beginning of our sale of Runners Doing Good wristbands
Front L-R: Amanda, Kelly, Amanda, Cherri, and Jenn. Back L-R: Chris, Andrew, Batman (Artie), Chris, Matt, Michael, Ryan, and Gabe
  • 2020
    • January
      • Announces pledge to run to benefit NeighborLink Fort Wayne once again with another $5,000 goal
      • Within that announcement:
        • Interest in working towards improvements to the team that allow for it to become self sufficient
        • Goals for 2020
        • Biggest Change:
          • NEW RACE: Ragnar Trail Michigan
            • Allows for a simplification of the process through fewer runners, less logistical issues, and simpler process
    • March
      • Set an all-time record with our best fundraising month of nearly $3,000 raised.
    • April
      • Due to Covid-19, the climate wasn’t looking good so we paused operations. Not long after, Ragnar Relay postponed Ragnar Trail Michigan and within a short time, cancels it.
    • August
      • Team announces it will be officially ending the fundraiser and campaign following the news of the Fort 4 Fitness being canceled.
      • Official fundraising total hit $3,047 to benefit NeighborLink Fort Wayne.
    • September
      • 21st – Team announces plans for 2021
  • 2021
    • January
      • Continues pledge from 2020 to run to benefit NeighborLink Fort Wayne
    • March
      • 7th Annual Fundraiser begins!
    • June
      • Team Runners Doing Good takes on Ragnar Trail Michigan
        • Our first time running under the RDG Banner
        • Our first time running a Ragnar Trail Race. Find the recap here.
Front: Melissa, Jenn, Kati, Gabe, and Courtney, Back: Chris, Michael, and Andrew
    • July
      • Fundraiser officially ends with a total of $5,467. Our 3rd straight full campaign to raise more than $5,000.
      • Total fundraising since team was established in 2015, reaches $32,870
    • November
      • Plans for 2022 to be announced 11/28!


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