RDG Month of Thanks: Day 6, Andrew



Due to a technical glitch, Day 6 didn’t post so today, you’re getting a double dose!

Day 6: Andrew!

This guy has been a building block for our team for years now. With the exception of 1 year, he’s been on every team since 2016 and is one of a handful of runners who have participated at each venue or format that we’ve taken on. With more than 80 miles run at Ragnars with us, he is in the Top 3, All-Time for career miles with us, which is remarkable because he always claims that he’s “not a runner” or that he “doesn’t like running.”

Overall, this is a guy that brings it each year and whether he’s feeling like he’s fast or slow, you know you can count on him. If he says, he’ll be back in 35 minutes, he’s usually pretty well on it. That’s difficult to do with these races but he’s just someone that’s always so steady. He’s one of our core runners for as long as he wants to be and we’re always grateful that he chooses to continue to run with us. We’re better because of him.

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