RDG Month of Thanks, Day 7 – It’s all about the hardware


Day 7 is, as the title implies….All about the hardware. If you want a physical reminder of the effort involved in something epic, you need something cool and one of the things that Ragnar has done fantastically since the beginning is provide some kick-ass medals.

All of the sweat, blood, and tears are wrapped up in these. I’ve often found that it’s not some awe-inspiring moment that happens when you get them but it’s in the days and weeks post-Ragnar when the high of the race is long passed that you look at one of these and a smile will creep across your face. It’s the “I can’t believe I did that” moment when you recall that yea, you ran for more than 7.5 miles through a state forest at midnight. (That’s my most recent.)

They all tell a story. The 2 wooden ones above represent the 2 Trail Races we’ve run in Michigan and the bottom right is our very first on the shores of Lake Michigan. All of those come with an immense sense of accomplishment, pride, and a feeling of want. The want to be with that crew again to do something amazing again.

All in all, it’s a pretty special feeling. Yea, they are just medals and it’s not the Olympics but hey, what is? These though, in your own little way, mean just as much though because we’re not crazy athletes. We’re moms and dads. We’re therapists, salesmen, teachers, and nurses. We’re all just regular people doing something incredible and that’s what those medals represent and for that…we’re grateful.


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