So Why Ragnars & Fundraisers?!?


It is a good question. The option is certainly there to just devote all of your time on the fundraiser OR the option is to just run. Both are solid choices, however, Runners Doing Good has never seen it that way.

There is a phrase that I learned about through Ragnar that I’ve grown to feel epitomizes the event itself and is applicable to major team endeavors, such as major campaign fundraising, too:

“There is joy in accomplishing something together, that none of us could have done by ourselves.”

When I think about trying to raise thousands of dollars, no one person could do that by themselves. It’s not dissimilar to a Ragnar event. Some people could run 100+ miles but it is very few. In the end, 8 people working together can certainly make it happen just like a dozen, or more, people can network to raise an awe inspiring pile of money for a great cause.

And it is in that intersection that Runners Doing Good lies. 8 people with a simple goal of $1,000 per, can raise a sum that is far from insignificant.

And that’s why Runners Doing Good is aiming for a goal for Celeste Steven’s Visionary of the Year Campaign unlike anything we’ve ever gone for: $10,00!

We’re going to use Ragnar Trail Kentucky as that massive flag to fly to bring more awareness to our cause and our efforts and together, we’re going to do something that none of us could do on our own. 4 weeks in, we’re almost 50% of the way there. As more of the runners come aboard, I’m excited to see how this evolves.

I have a feeling it’ll be like a snowball going downhill as it gains momentum. At least I can hope and dream that it’ll be that way. We’ll see but ultimately, we’re going to accomplish something pretty special….together.

If you’d like to donate to support critical research against blood cancers, here you go:

Visionary of the Year Campaign!


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