Meet the Team #4 – Andrew


For a guy who says that he doesn’t like running, he’s sure done a fair amount of it. This year, he’ll be one of just 4 runners, all-time, who have run 5 Ragnar Relays with us, and will move firmly into 3rd Place in career miles run for us with more than 80 miles run for others’ benefit.

He’s endured the heat of Chicago, the cold night air of the trip from Grand Haven to Traverse City, and the hills of Grayling and keeps coming back. He’s truly been one of the pillars of our team and now he’s bringing Kati with him!

One of the best stories about Andrew at a race comes down to volume. The volume in his head phones and himself….at Ragnar Relay Chicago, his first race. He was getting ready for his first leg and grooving to some music to himself, just bouncing in his spot as he worked out the nervous energy as we waited for Michael. At some point someone said something to him whether he was ready and he declared, “YEAH, I’M GOOD!” as he all too nonchalantly yelled it in our faces as if he were trying to shout over the noise of a concert. Except the problem was the concert he was at was in his head and we were all just standing with a group of stranger who were practically as startled as we were. After he took off, I think we all talked super loud on purpose for the next hour.

In the end, he’s a guy that I can’t imagine not doing this with us. He’s been as good of a friend as they come throughout the years and it’s been special to share this craziness with him.

If you, too, are an Andrew fan, please consider supporting him and consequently, The Dee family, through Runners Doing Good. To make a donation please follow the corresponding links for what works best for you.

Face Book: RDG for DFA!

GoFundMe: RDG for DFA

Thank you all for your support of Runners Doing Good, The Dee Family Adoption, and Andrew. Your love, kindness, and generosity are what helps propel us continually forward.

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