Light The Match!

We Rise By Lifting Others


We are excited to make an announcement! Usually we start off a fundraiser this way but we’re thrilled to end one with this to see how high we can push this fundraiser.

It’s funny because we’re basically in a spot where we should have netted the fundraising to the Dees in the $5400 range right now. $5,000 was our goal with the hope to push it even higher so that we could deliver the best results possible for Jayme and Tony Dee and we hit our goal fairly early in our process.

All things considered, and I’m speaking from a position of this being the 4th time we’ve gone over $5,000, and while it’s never taken for granted, it does feel like business as usual. I don’t want to feel ho-hum about it because being in this place means we’ve done something really good but I feel like we have the opportunity to do something truly special here.


Starting on Tax Day, Monday, April 18th, we’re being given an opportunity to at a matching opportunity from a long time and dedicated supporter of the team. This person has had our back from the very beginning. I know he popped up because of our Runnin’ Not Walken name and how he loved that name but he never backed down from nudging us forward and supporting us in bigger and and bigger ways.

So next Monday, when we kick off this Matching Opportunity, we’ll have the ability to match what we raise, up to $1,500, and this is a big deal because we can still throw this towards the Dee’s Matching Grant. This is truly what you call a force multiplier as they have approximately $2,000 left on the matching grant.

So in theory, we could turn $1,500 into $3,000. Then $2,000 of that…into $4,000 plus the leftover $1,000 and we could….hit a 5 digit fundraiser for the first time ever. It would be a remarkable accomplishment in the history of our team, for the Dee Family, and for the future of the team.

So for now….I’m asking for everyone to hold their donations and wait for Monday. You’ll be hearing more from us in the coming days!


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