Team Update


This is a picture of the finish line at last year’s Ragnar Trail Relay in Grayling, MI. 3 of our runners will be new this year. We’ve already told you about Lyndsay but we have 2 more to discuss as well but there is another big difference with this year’s team.

Because we’re doing this without a net and have no sponsorship, we’ve had an agreement with the Dee’s that our expenses would net out of the fundraiser once our matching cap was hit. We’ve met that requirement fully and as noted in a prior Campaign Update, they’re looking at netting out, right now, at more than $9500.

That said, we still have some expenses that we have to cover. Our promise was that our portion would come last. Operating a Ragnar Trail team isn’t entirely cheap and because of our lack of non-profit status and lack of partnership with a non-profit organization this year, we’ve had zero sponsorship to help with the expenses that have largely been covered over the last few years.

We have done an exceptional job of limiting costs this year. In 2021, our costs approached $3500 with most all of that covered thru sponsorships.

This year, we’ve cut that down to approximately $1450! That’s a massive reduction in costs but today, we’re currently at a bit below $1100. There are a couple of things that we may be able to trim but if we can just come up with a bit more, it’d cover all of our needs and be immensely helpful.

And here’s the pledge, if we raise more than what our needs are, the rest will go to back to the Dee Family fundraiser to assist with any further costs that are left beyond what we raised.

Thank you all for your support of what we’ve been able to do this year. It’s been truly appreciated by us and the Dee’s. This has been a tremendously creative campaign that’s proven just as successful.

If you can help, please see the links below:

Facebook: RDG 4 DFA

GoFundMe: RDG 4 DFA

Thanks again and we can’t wait to share our running adventure with you all as it draws near.


Gabe – Runners Doing Good


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