Map Update!


This map. It might be one of my favorite things AND challenges of our fundraising efforts. It shows so much and as we’ve grown and evolved over the last couple of years, it literally puts a smile on my face.

To me, it shows growth. A couple of years ago, we might have gotten donations from 10-12 different states but now, through the love and generosity of so many people connected to the team and within the running community, we have received donations from 19 different states and if we can just get a few more, we’ll have covered half of the country. To me, that’s just remarkable.

It also shows potential. There are so many people within the running community and there are so many different things that I believe Runners Doing Good can be and do but spreading the word about the team and our efforts still has a way to go. That’s exciting too.

So, here’s the ask: If you know someone in one of the blank states on the map, please ask them for their time and donation. Help us push this just a little farther. There’s approximately a month left in our campaign and if we can fill this map just a bit, it’d be incredible.

If you or they are not on Facebook, please visit the below GoFundMe page to donate today.

Runners Doing Good For Dee Family Adoption


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