Meet the Team #5 – Lindsay


Every year we have a newbie or two. This year, we have 3! We are thrilled to have Lindsay and her husband Jake on the team this year. I have known Lindsay for roughly 20 years and I was actually in their wedding many moons ago! They are just awesome people and I was thrilled when they answered the call and said yes to joining the team.

Here’s a little more about Lindsay, in her own words….

“A bit about me. I didn’t start running until college in an attempt to combat the “Freshman 15″ plus relieve stress. I have run a handful of half marathons and several 10K races over the years, but mostly just run for fun and fitness. And yes I said fun – I actually love working out. This race will be the biggest fitness challenge that I have taken on, both physically and mentally. Excited to be a part of the team!”

Hopefully she doesn’t kill me for stealing this picture from her facebook but outside of that, she’s just the type of person who will fit in great with our team!

If you are a friend, family member, or a fan of Lindsay’s, please consider giving to support our efforts this year! We’ve maxed out our matching cap and so the Dee’s are confirmed for a net of approximately $9500.

The running team’s expenses come last and we’re approximately $400 away from covering the last of those needs so anyone who hasn’t donated yet and would like to, we’d greatly appreciate it!

Please visit the following link to donate:

Runners Doing Good 4 Dee Family Adoption!

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