Runners Doing Good – #7 Melissa


I wasn’t sure that we’d get Melissa back but I couldn’t be happier that we have. Melissa is the wife of Chris and has been a good friend for a long time. Even longer, she’s been a good friend of Jenn’s, as they both attended Michigan State University and are both proud Spartans.

Melissa ran with us in 2018, our first year at Ragnar Road Michigan. It was a terribly cold race, overall, and I think I heard somewhere in the midst of the race so that she could spread out and get some sleep, she slept in a horse barn at a 4-H Fairgrounds. Sometimes the accommodations during a road relay aren’t exactly the Hilton.

That said, she’s awesome and a much better runner than most of the team and if it weren’t for the cold, I’m sure she would have been back for ’19 but all it took was a pandemic and a switch to a trail race just down the road from her dad’s house for her to come on back. Oh and the race is in June vs. the end of September. I’m sure that helps too :-).

In all, it’s fantastic to have Chris’ much better back with us. She’s a great friend and we’ll be a better team because of her.


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