Runners Doing Good #3 – Chris


This guy is an animal. He’s maybe one of the few people on the team that actually looks like a natural runner. For so long, we’ve probably been, at first glance, a much better charity softball, basketball, or football team than we looked the part of a running team. That’s not a dig at anyone that’s run on the team in the past, however, there’s been a lot of guys who were say, 6’1 and 200+ on the team.

Chris doesn’t exactly fit that profile. He’s probably not been heavier than 180 in his life but he’s a runner and watching him go is something to behold. He also, because of his vast accomplishments within the running arena, brings a relaxed feeling to our efforts because he was willing to tackle literally any leg we needed of a traditional road race. As Captain, having someone like Chris who I could just plug in to any assignment was a godsend because that wasn’t the case with everyone on the team.

Chris, for us, after Ragnar Trail Michigan, will rank #7 all time on our career mileage leader board with nearly 50 miles of roads and now trails run for Runners Doing Good. We truly are lucky and blessed to have him back for the 3rd race in a row. He’s a great runner but an even better guy and we are, no doubt, a better team in a host of different ways, because he’s with us.


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