Runners Doing Good #6 – Andrew


This guy has been an absolute rock throughout the years. I’ve had the fortune of knowing Andrew since I was 18 years old, had him in my wedding, and I in his, and have shared this crazy adventure with him, when this year is over, 4 times, and had it not been for a family emergency, 5 times.

The only year that he truly missed was Year 1 but he joined up in 2016 and endured the extreme heat that we struggled through that year and somehow came back the next year. It is remarkable that he’s still running with us and even dragging Kati, his wife, into the mix, because every year he openly talks about and admits that he doesn’t like running. He’d much rather be on a bike but again, he keeps coming back.

In fact, he’s run with us so much that not only is he passing 50 miles run for us, not only is he passing 60 miles for us, but he’ll run his 65th mile for the team and put himself firmly in a Top 5 runners all-time for most mileage. If not for the one year he had to pull out not long before the race and he’d be Top 3 with more than 80 miles run for us.

One of the best stories about him was that first year he ran with us, 2016. He was jamming out to a song with his earbuds in and ready to go. Someone made the mistake in asking him if he was ready to go which prompted him to respond. I’m sorry. Respond might be too light of a term for what he did. The music was so loud and he shouted back in kind, “YEAH, I’M DOING GREAT. GOOD TO GO!” We all busted out laughing and funny enough, it wasn’t the only time it happened on that trip.

In all, he truly is one of the best people and friends I know. He might not like running. He might not be particularly fast. Lord knows I’m not! But in all, he has a heart for helping others and at the core of what Team Runners Doing Good is, that’s what it’s all about for us. We might be marginally faster than a pack of turtles but we just want to help others through our running and Andrew not doubt epitomizes that sentiment. As has always been the case, we are lucky to have him with us.


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