Top 11 Runners – #4 Andrew


Andrew joined the team in 2016 and battled through the “blast furnace” and somehow despite still claiming that he’s “not a runner” and that he doesn’t even really “enjoy” running, has been back 2 more times and it would have been 3 if it hadn’t been for a family emergency.

When we added him, we added a steadying force. His consistency is something incredibly valuable to me, as much for my spot as a captain but even more so as someone I consider a great friend. It has been special to have him on the team and people have gravitated towards him during the races.

He’s as good of a guy as there is out there and his contributions both on the course, to the tune of 49.66 miles run, and off through his constant support and willingness to join this craziness. They day he’s done might be the day we’re all done. I can’t imagine doing this without him anymore.


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