Top 11 Runners – #5 Nerk


Coming in at #5 on our mileage leader board of top runners, Nerk! It’s amazing. He hasn’t run since 2017, our last year at Ragnar Relay Chicago and he still ranks this high in total mileage.

One of our originals, Nerk was in Van 2 with Brandon, Joel, Ruso, Ryan, our two drivers, Artie and Adam, and myself. That van was easily one of the most fun ones and I’m sure part of it is that it was our first race but that van was special. So many in that van were close from childhood and hadn’t had the opportunity to get together in one place in years. It just worked out perfectly that we all had the chance to spend 2 1/2 days straight together. It was an absolute blast.

The best part of having Nerk on the team are the other teams. They assume because he’s 6’2″ish and north of 200 that he’s going to be slower but then he passes them and it just makes me laugh. I remember one group of high school kids that they’re coach told them to stay out of his way or they’d get run over!

He’s another reason why this would be what it is today as he went on to captain 1/2 of the team for 2 years and brought a good group of guys to the team. Without him and his group being a part of this and helping grow it, we don’t get from that first year to ’16. If the guys didn’t come back, despite how terribly hot it was their first year in 2016, it would have been a stretch to get to 2017. And while we didn’t have them with us in ’18, the team was pretty well functional by that point and able to exist.

So for his mileage contributions as well as being a part of something special in those first few years, a huge THANK YOU and a dose of gratitude go Nerk’s way for all he did to support the team!


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