Top 11 Runners – #3 Michael


Michael cracks our Top 3 runners in total mileage as he’s the first of the 3 who have participated at least 4 of the 5 years, and the first on the list to have topped 50 in total miles.

He could have been #1 on this list though had he checked his email in ’15. It would only take him 13 miles and 1 more race to tie our lead but such is life.

In all, though, if you want to see something impressive on a trail, this is your guy. At 6’5″ and down to 230-240 from his peak football weight of 295, he doesn’t fit the stereotype of what the typical runner looks like but he has a motor that once you start it, it won’t stop until he hands off. Someone his size shouldn’t be running low 8 minute miles but he does that and faster. It’s an incredible thing to behold.

In total, Michael has given us 69.8 miles of Wisconsin, Illinois, and Michigan trails, roads, and highway dealing with the first two years of heat and then the clean cool air of northern Michigan the last two years and so far, is committed to our next adventure in Michigan in 2021 which will put him, most likely, over 85 miles of RNW and RDG running.


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