Top 11 Runners – #2 Ryan


I say this in the most lovingly way but if Michael and Nerk are something to marvel at when they run because of their size, #2 on our list, Ryan, might make you sick at how easily he pulls this off.

Young legs certainly help as does being a naturally gifted athlete but he seriously has gone out and run almost 75 miles across 4 races. The last 2 races he’s run about 16 miles a piece and you might have been able to count the number of times he trained for it on your two hands.

If you look at that video above, it’s a whole lot of that easy striding when he runs for us and at 6’6″, he covers a lot of ground without looking like he’s trying too hard. It’s amazing to watch.

In all seriousness, it’s been awesome having him with us and right now he’s crushing it at each volleyball tourney he’s playing in and I’m not sure when we’ll get him with us again but it has been so much fun sharing this adventure with him. Hopefully it’ll work out to do this with him again, but in case it doesn’t happen, I can’t thank him enough for joining us all of these years.


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