Top 11 Runners – #9 Greg


At 37.8 Miles, the 2nd highest average per race mileage, and one of the very fastest runners we’ve ever had, Greg comes in at 9th in our Top 11 runners of Runnin’ Not Walken.

Greg was awesome to have on the team, along with his brothers that joined us for 2 years, ’16-’17. The Schortgen boys took the relay by storm and although he might have been quieter than the others, he was one of our workhorses we hitched our wagon to during that time. He just ran effortlessly and it was fun to watch.

Fun fact, in 2017, in a pinch for a runner with a guy dropping out 3 days before the race, Greg convinced his then girlfriend Tayler, to join our adventure and a van of 5 guys to take on the Ragnar Chicago course from Madison to Chicago in some decent heat that year, although not like 2016’s race, and they survived! Fast forward a couple years and they’re married and just had their first child! How awesome is that?!?

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