Top 11 Runners – #8 Matt


According to a definition of hardcore it is: “the most active, committed, or strict members of a group or movement.” That sums up what I think of Matt. He is a hardcore runner and proud of it. He should be because he’s come a long way over the last several years.

After deciding a change in lifestyle was necessary, he’s dedicated himself to running and living a more active life. What started off as a movement to run a mile has snowballed into checking one challenge off only to look towards what the next challenge to conquer could be and currently he’s up to Olympic style triathlons. It’s incredible.

Matt started off by letting me know a couple years before he joined the team that he was available if I needed a runner. When it finally worked out, I knew I had someone who would take on any challenge, anywhere, and his stats show it.

In only 2 years of running with the team, Matt is the first runner on our list over 40 miles with 42.65 miles run during our races. He’s also the owner of the highest average mileage per race at just over 21 miles. There simply hasn’t been an assignment that he’s turned down or approached with less than 110% effort or enthusiasm and I’ve seen some of the hills that he’s had to run in Michigan. They were daunting but he crushed them. Just like he has all of his other goals.


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