Top 11 Runners – #7 Cherri


Coming in with 45 miles run for us over 3 relays, Cherri has a lot of experience and miles with us. She was a great addition to the team and become a good friend to many. She is able to fit into any scenario and do a great job.

While she may not be the fastest runner we have, she may be our toughest and I knew we had a good one the very first leg of her very first race with us back in 2016. The forecast was calling for some pretty good heat that day and other runners took on the same heat or worse but I’m not sure anyone took it on with so much direct heat.

Cherri’s first run took off from a school and headed out into the country and I’m not sure she ran a second of that run with as little as a leafs-worth of shade as she ventured out into the country side going down a paved road in the middle of fields with nary a tree in sight ANYWHERE. It was nuts but she plowed through it and conquered it. I can’t think of conditions quite like that in any of our races. We’ve battled cold in Michigan but you could put more layers on. With this, it was an insufferable heat that you couldn’t do anything about and she ground it out. It was awesome and we’re glad to have her a part of our team.

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