Top 11 Runners – #10 Kelly


Kelly, a newer runner to the team in 2018, she’s run with us twice and left a mark, did a ton of good, and cracked our Top 10, just eeking out Courtney’s 36.5 with her own 36.8 miles between her two races in ’18 & ’19.

When she joined the team, she brought and exuberance and energy to the team that was infectious and brought that to not only the team, the race, but to the fundraising part of the equation as she got coworkers, clients, family, and friends of hers donating and following along.

In 2019, she also conquered what will probably always be the longest run of anyone on our team. With us down a runner due to a family emergency, we were scrambling. Along the way, she volunteered to jump out and take a portion of one of that team member’s runs, which would have preceded her run and add it to hers.

So she took off, came into the exchange and back out to run hers, totaling a Ragnar Leg medal-worthy 11+ miles in one stretch, battling some wind and rain as well. It was an amazing effort and one that won’t be duplicated any time soon. She should be truly proud of her efforts.


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