Top 11 Runners – #11 Courtney

Courtney Took on the Ragnar Leg in 2017!!!

Courtney is one of our originals. She joined us in 2015 and was the only member of the team that had ever run a long distance style relay race. Her knowledge of what to expect was extremely valuable and it helped guide the younger Wisconsinites in the van she rode in back during that first race from Madison to Chicago.

She also joined us again in 2017 to make that trek, riding and running in Van 1 with Jenn, Artie, Michael, Andrew, and myself. We had an absolute blast with her as she was jammin’ out to Apple Bottom Jeans as she was getting herself set to run. She tackled the Ragnar Leg, all 7.8 Miles of the Deep Dish Leg of the race and crushed it.

In fact, she was so fast that although we got to the exchange fairly early and she caught us, especially Jenn, off guard. Jenn had just gotten her shoes on, stretched out, and was headed to the bathroom when all of a sudden Courtney popped up! She was FLYING!

Also, she is supremely talented and created our Runnin’ Not Walken logo for which we used for 3 years worth of tshirts.

If you think that’s cool, you should check out her website where here talent is on full display as she is a supremely talented graphic designer and photographer. Check out Hardy Design & Photography!

In all, between two different tours of Runnin’ Not Walken, Courtney ran 36.5 miles of Ragnar Relay craziness with our team. She’s easily one of my most favorite people who have ever run with and I’m still holding out hope that somehow I can convince her again someday to run with us again.


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