I Miss My Team

All of this time off and races cancelled and it’s gotten me thinking about what I’ve missed this year. It was supposed to have been a big year. I had put some lofty goals for myself out there and largely, I’ve not gotten close. Between the pandemic and everything going on, admittedly, my motivation has been about to zero, and I think I’ve been able to pinpoint it.

I miss my team. Usually there’s an energy about what we’re doing that’s palpable. It makes you, at least for me, accountable to the team to train, get in shape, and be able to run a race with some level of ability so that you’re shouldering your fair share. Things pop up before a race (twice) or during a race, more than once, where you have to pick up and run with the ball for someone else so if you’ve trained well enough to cover your distance and then some, it’s important.


I miss preparing to meet that challenge because of the awesome people that have been on our team. So, it got me thinking. I already did a Top 10 Moments & Memories countdown. It’s hard to pick just 10 people to profile, however, I think it’d be cool to do a leader board countdown based on our mileage over the last 5 years.

I’m the only one who’s run all 5 races so I’ll do a Top 11 with my spot at #1 being a quick review of why I love our team, Ragnar Relay, and some general stats on our team’s actual mileage since 2015.

The first one drops tomorrow!




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