Ragnar Trail Michigan Officially Postponed

It’s with a good bit of disappointment that we officially announce that Ragnar Trail Michigan has officially been postponed. Even more of a bummer is that the dates that it’s now scheduled is one that most of the team can not attend or in light of our current status, willing to give up: Labor Day weekend. I have no issues with that whatsoever.

Since Covid-19 started affecting things dramatically here in the United States, I hoped and prayed that we’d be able to pull off this run but Ragnar Relay did the right thing here. Anyone denying that the coronavirus isn’t deadly, isn’t highly contagious, or something to avoid is just wrong. The sooner we can knock this thing down, the quicker we can get back up.

So with that, we will be differing this relay race till 2021. This year, however, isn’t over. This is still hope to get out there and run. There’s still a lot to be encouraged about for the second half of the year.

NeighborLink Fort Wayne surely isn’t stopping. They’re still out there, helping the community and they’re gaining momentum. Our efforts on their behalf won’t wane either. We’re like a lot of folks right now with plans changing rapidly. We’re trying to find our footing but when we do, we’ll share those with you as soon as possible.

For now, enjoy some pictures from Ragnar Relay Michigan, the last 2 years.

Have a great day everyone! Be safe. Be happy. Be well.



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