One Week To Go!!!!


It has been a CRAZY month to say the least but we are 1 week away from finishing our kick-off Matching opportunity. Things have slowed down a good bit as people are trying to find their footing with the Coronavirus but there’s something I can’t stress enough, non-profits aren’t taking time off right now.

NeighborLink is working hard to keep connecting people. They’re really looking after the community and encouraging us to do the same. Call that elderly neighbor or just that neighbor who doesn’t get out much and see if they’re ok. Sometimes it doesn’t take a ton but to just show you care.

That said, any help you can provide to show NeighborLink Fort Wayne that you can is appreciated.

Please visit our fundraising site: make a donation now. If you’re from outside of Indiana, a $5 donation, colors your state green! I’ll also send you a RDG wristband for your support.map319


Thank you so much for your consideration and continued support of our efforts to benefit NeighborLink Fort Wayne.  We’re not sure what the future holds but we have to keep backing wonderful groups like them so that they can be the most effective they can be.

Have a great day! Be safe! Be healthy!


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