March Matching


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Our March Matching even is well under way! Just to bring you up to speed as we’ve not been dialed in over the last couple weeks because of all of the craziness from the Coronavirus and work related things due to that, I wanted to provide you with a quick update on how the campaign is going and how you can help.

Right now, our fundraiser is up to $1,235 donated from folks as far away as California, Michigan, and of course, here in Indiana. Every dollar of that will be matched by your long time and truly generous donor.

So where do those dollars go? 100% of it goes to NeighborLink Fort Wayne.  They’ve done all sorts of wonderful things throughout our community throughout the years and they’re in overdrive right now trying to help folks within the community that have an assortment of needs, many of which are the same needs they had before but find it more difficult to handle with so many limitations out there.

It’s the organizations like NeighborLink Fort Wayne that we need to support even more during these trying times SO, if you’d be so willing, please consider a donation to benefit them and do it through our fundraiser because your donation counts twice right now with us.

Visit the following link to make that donation now….

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