Sponsor #2 – OmniSource!


It is awesome how things work. Good things tend to come in bunches! Within a day or so of getting a commitment from Sue and Coldwell Banker, I received one from OmniSource and Mike Franio, who are again, another multi-year supporter of our team.

OmniSource has now supported us for 4 years now and a huge reason behind that has been Mike. Mike made sure to support us that first year because Artie, one of our drivers as well as a one time runners, was a part of the team and he had worked with Artie at Omni for a short bit.

When you’re doing things like seeking sponsorships and some of them are tied to a particular runner, you always worry that if that particular person doesn’t run from one year to the next that you’re going to lose that support.  Mike and OmniSource really haven’t wavered a bit.

They’ve been more concerned with making a positive impact whether it’s been for Kate’s Kart those first few years or now for NeighborLink Fort Wayne.  Sometimes they been so excited to support our efforts that they’ve hand delivered the sponsorship check.  Their support of great causes through us, has been amazing to personally witness.  When they’re in, they’re enthusiastically in and it’s just awesome.

This year, they’ve committed to a Silver Level Sponsorship which is the highest level that they’ve ever supported us and we’re truly humbled and excited by it.

Here’s why and it’s a beautiful thing: Because of our efforts to simplify what we do for the better, between our first sponsor, Coldwell Banker, and now OmniSource’s support, we’re almost halfway to covering our projected expenses! Last year we would have been less than a third of the way there.

The potential is there that if we continue to receive similar results from other businesses locally that there will be a lot of sponsorship dollars going straight to NeighborLink Fort Wayne through our fundraiser.

So a HUGE Thank You to OmniSource and Mike for this wonderful commitment! You’re helping make a major difference for our team and I can’t wait to see where this goes from here.

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