Why…..Ragnar Relay???

It’s truly about “basking in the joy of achieving something, together, that we could never have done alone.”

One Week To Go!!!!

It has been a CRAZY month to say the least but we are 1 week away from finishing our kick-off Matching opportunity. Things have slowed down a good bit as people are trying to find their footing with the Coronavirus but there’s something I can’t stress enough, non-profits aren’t taking time off right now. NeighborLinkContinue reading “One Week To Go!!!!”

Runnin’ Not Walken to Run to Benefit NeighborLink Fort Wayne!!!

It is official.  It was once inconceivable that we’d ever change causes of choice but sometimes in order to grow, you need to do something different and right now, I am very excited with our decision. For a second, I’d like to take a step back and explain the process.  Once I made the decisionContinue reading “Runnin’ Not Walken to Run to Benefit NeighborLink Fort Wayne!!!”