Runnin’ Not Walken to Run to Benefit NeighborLink Fort Wayne!!!

It is official.  It was once inconceivable that we’d ever change causes of choice but sometimes in order to grow, you need to do something different and right now, I am very excited with our decision.

For a second, I’d like to take a step back and explain the process.  Once I made the decision to go in a different direction on who our running activities would benefit, I had a couple local charities in mind.  Local was important to us.  First off, we’re fairly small so while I believe we do a great job in our fundraising, I still feel that the amounts we have raised, while fairly significant for a small group, are still small in the grand scheme of things when you consider what bigger groups are capable of raising for regional or larger organizations.

Secondly, Fort Wayne is important to us.  I think we did a great job tapping into that local sentiment previously.  People were willing to get behind a movement when they knew it would be impacting something in their back yard.

Lastly, I was really blessed to meet some really incredible individuals locally in this process.  One was to talk about running, the team, what’s involved with a Ragnar Relay, etc.  Another was to talk about running to benefit the charity that he helms and what would be involved with that if we did.  And the last one was Andrew Hoffman from NeighborLink.

There were two really interesting things about that process, besides how easy of a fit itd be for us, that made the decision fairly easy.  First, Andrew Hoffman was very understated.  Here’s a guy who is leading a group that is just fantastic in mission and you could easily tell the passion that he has for what he does but he wasn’t out there emphatically beating his chest about how great they or he was.  The second thing that was noteworthy was how emphatically the other two people recommended NeighborLink Fort Wayne and Andrew Hoffman.  The praise was pretty remarkable.  All things considered, it made the decision fairly easy at that point.

Take a leader like that with an organization like NeighborLink Fort Wayne and you have what I believe, is an excellent partner for our mission, to positively impact a Fort Wayne charity through our running aspirations.

For our donors from previous campaigns, I think it’ll be easy for you to get behind them as well.  NeighborLink Fort Wayne has a simple mission: To provide “practical, neighbor to neighbor, expressions of God’s love.”  That could mean raking or mowing an elderly neighbors’ leaves or lawn as well as building a wheelchair ramp for the disabled.  It could also involve raising money to repair a roof or replace a furnace when it’s cold and someone might not have the funds to handle those costs themself.  NeighborLink Fort Wayne is there for all of that.

They have an athletic side of their organization which has generally revolved around their cycling team and individuals who are offering their talents to raise money to benefit NeighborLink Fort Wayne.  Team NeighborLink’s motto is “Work Hard. Do Good. Love Wins.”  How can you not love that?

Our plan is to be as involved as possible with NeighborLink Fort Wayne throughout the year.  They put on a few running events throughout the year so hopefully, if you’re participating, we’ll be seeing you there!

To learn more about NeighborLink Fort Wayne, please visit



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