Good-Bye 2018! Hello 2019! – Part 2


From a running standpoint, 2018 was in many ways a great year.  It had ups and downs, naturally, but for the most part, it was a fantastic year.

Runnin’ Not Walken achieved a level of fundraising that I didn’t think was possible, at least not for a long time.  The support we had was remarkable.  Team members that came aboard embraced what we were doing from a fundraising and training standpoint like never before.  It was awesome.

Sadly, we’ll not be running for the same charity in 2019 but the exciting thing is that we get to spread our wings and make a difference in a new and different way and that opportunity is something we’re eager to embrace.

Runners Doing Good, on twitter, gained some steam, followed by this blog, and then branching into instagram.  Our following isn’t huge, by any means, but everyone starts somewhere, right?  More importantly, more runners have been highlighted and some with causes that they’re running for like Geoff and Emily, they’ve had their fundraisers positively impacted by the generosity of other runners and that’s what it’s all about.

From a personal standpoint, it has been a joy because of all of the positive things that being a part of this community brings with it whether it’s being inspired by a teammate who’s put in the time to get in shape, coming across a runner who’s doing something amazing I’m able to showcase on this blog, or just witnessing someone’s generosity.  It’s all a beautiful thing and it’s why I want to bring more of that to everyone in 2019 so here’s a few goals for the team, the blog, and myself for the New Year:


Runnin’ Not Walken

  • With a new charity comes the chance of regression before we take off so I’m setting a $5,000 goal.  Our first year we “hoped” to hit $1,000.  $5,000 is now a starting goal and the “hope” is to blow past it like it was standing still.
  • Destroy our 33 hour, 47 minute time from 2018.
  • Improve runner comfort
  • Improve runner safety
  • Make it more fun


  • Raise that first $100 by increasing viewership. WordPress monetizes the ads on these blogs based on how many eyeballs sees those ads and pays you when you in $100 increments.  We had about 150 views in November and have increased that by 40% in December.  It’s not much but its a start.
  • Donate that first hard fought $100 to a runner cause that the Runners Doing Good community votes on.
  • Continue to show off, support, and promote runners who are amazing the world through their pavement pounding aspirations.


  • Hit 190 lbs
  • Run my first 1/2 Marathon in May, the Indy Mini
  • Sub 29 minute 5k
  • Sub 1 hour 10k
  • Sub 10 minute pace across Ragnar Michigan
  • Run a trail race


That’s it!  What are  your goals?


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