Race Recap: Ragnar Trail Michigan

Ragnar Trail Michigan 2022: A recap

Ragnar Trail Michigan Recap

It’s taken awhile but here’s the official Ragnar Trail Michigan Recap!!!

Race Recap – Fort Wayne’s Hot Cider Hustle – 11/10

2 months ago, I was gung-ho about running this race but my how times and things change.  This was a race that we had heard could be fun and both Jenn and I had been motivated to keep running after the Ragnar so we thought if we were still running in November, that’d be aContinue reading “Race Recap – Fort Wayne’s Hot Cider Hustle – 11/10”

Ragnar Relay Michigan ’19 Recap

  I’m about 2 weeks overdue on this but I wanted to still do this.  I’ve had time to think about it and take it all in and it was a pretty incredible experience once again.  So without further adieu, here goes: For Jenn and I, Ragnar prep starts well in advance.  Being that thisContinue reading “Ragnar Relay Michigan ’19 Recap”

Race Review – NeighborLink Fort Wayne’s Night Moves 8/23

Ok so this is my first foray into writing a race review but I thought it’d be a great opportunity to start AND highlight an event that I found to be (spoiler alert) a great time. From the beginning, since NeighborLink Fort Wayne has been our charity of choice, we wanted to make sure toContinue reading “Race Review – NeighborLink Fort Wayne’s Night Moves 8/23”