Month of Thanks, Day 2: Ragnar Relay!!!


Day of Thanks, #2 brings a pretty obvious thing that we’re grateful for: Ragnar Relay. The challenge, the vibe, the atmosphere, and most importantly, the PEOPLE…it’s all a beautiful thing and we’ve been blessed to be healthy enough to cover more than 1,200 miles of Ragnar trails, paths, and roads over the last 7 year.

Epic events like Ragnar Relay provide us with the opportunity to show how crazy we are and drum up interest in supporting our causes. I’m not sure we would have ever gotten this far without an event like this to go after.

There’s something special about taking an action, like running, which is 90% of the time so solitary and make it a team effort. We’ve had a lot of great people involved throughout the years, 36 to be exact, and it’s just special to do this with folks you like.

We couldn’t be more proud to be Ragnarians so THANK YOU, Ragnar Relay, for being so awesome that equally amazing people come out to participate…like us!


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