Month of Thanks, Day 1: Jenn


Gratitude Makes Sense of Our Past, Brings Peace for Today, and Creates a Vision for Tomorrow

Melody Beatie

Every day of November, we are going say Thank You to something or someone who has support, run with, helped us fundraise, or contributed to Runners Doing Good. Without their contributions, we wouldn’t have achieved the success for others that we have over the years.

Today, November 1st, we’re grateful for Jenn. Simply put, if she didn’t co-sign on this, it wouldn’t have happened 1 year, let alone all the years we’ve been in existence. Her contributions have been vast, from the head cheerleader keeping everyone positive and smiling, to a big fundraiser, recruiter, and a runner who has logged more than 75 miles and finding herself in the top 5 of total all time runner mileage.

So to her, THANK YOU for all you’ve done to make this the special group that it has been for so long. You are seen. You are appreciated. You are loved. We are better because of you.

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