Merry Christmas Update!!!

It keeps getting GREENER!!!

Hello everyone! I’m back for one last update before Christmas and then it’ll be silent on social media till the 27th.

We are happy to report that we have now received donations from Arizona, Florida, Georgia, Indiana, Massachusetts, Michigan, New Jersey, New York, North Carolina, Ohio, Texas, and Virginia! 12 States so far!

That’s pretty awesome because I know that there are states we’ve gotten in the past that haven’t chimed in yet that I know that will. Off of the top of my head, I know that we have the ability to easily add donations from 4-5 more to get us approaching 20 states. We’ll definitely need more help to get us to halfway, which is a small goal. We’ve never gotten that many before. If we could pull that off, that’d be incredible.

In total, those 12 states have equaled $1,655 given! Beyond that, due to some things that Jenn has done on the side, I know there’s at least another $100 to add to that list so we’re really $1,755+ right now.

The last week has been quieter but that make sense. We are, as you are too, have been busy with Christmas and holiday preparations but I have a challenge that I’m ready to issue.

I might be a lot of things with this, Found of the Team, Team Captain, runner, fundraiser, etc. but I’d never say that the runner part has been particularly great. I’ve run well enough to complete the effort but it’s been more about the fundraising. The fundraising part won’t change but 7 years after this has all started and looking at our 8th campaign, I’m willing to throw a challenge out there that puts a bigger emphasis on being the best running version of myself as I can be and part of that is putting in miles in a way that I’ve never done.


For instance:


Let’s face it, it’s a miracle I’ve been able to pull this off. I’m not sure if I should be amazed, surprised, or sheepish about it. 2018, I was cruising with my running and had to really taper back when I hurt my hip. I was seeing split times in numbers I’d never seen before. Seriously, for me hearing high 7’s and 8’s in my splits, it was incredible but once I was injured, it just wasn’t there. I’ve talked about that night run in northern Michigan where it just throbbed and ached so badly that I wanted to quit the run. Artie wouldn’t let that happen. Again…never heard anyone that chipper at 3 in the morning but I digress.

2019 was definitely better but I never got that type of speed back. I guess you could say I was in better shape, pain free, and at a normal base for myself. The same runs I took were faster than 2018 but again, I should have been faster than a guy with a hip problem.

2020 was a wash and honestly, I was half depressed with things. I was at home for nearly 6 months of the year and I had all of these great thoughts of running more than I ever had and I got a bike and even dabbled in that a bit but as you can see, it just didn’t manifest itself in much.

2021, was a great return to Ragnar but my mileage wasn’t good. We all were still struggling with our running and getting enough mileage. Outside of our really good runners and those blessed with youthful legs, the rest of us struggled mightily with getting our mileage in. Experience gave us the confidence that we could pull it off but could we have been better? No doubt. Were we ready for our first dose of trails? Not really. It was definitely a survive and advance type of mentality.


2022 won’t be that way. I have visions of considerably higher mileage totals in the coming year and enough so that I’m willing to commit to something:


We can get to $2500 by January 1st, before we finish Ragnar Trail Michigan, I will run 1 mile for every $10 raised to support the Dee Family Adoption. That could equal a lot of running for me but if we could pull that off, I’ll be thrilled to put in the mileage.

So with that….LET’S GET AFTER IT!

To give, we have 2 ways:

GoFundMe: Tony and Jayme Dee GoFundMe Adoption Fundraiser

Facebook: Runners Doing Good 4 Dee Family Adoption

Thank you all for your love, support, consideration, and generosity and may you all, from our team to your family, have a very Merry Christmas!


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