On Caring

Joy is rejoicing in another’s progress…

Fulton Sheen

As we keep rolling with our fundraiser to support the Dees. I’ve been overcome with “stuff” getting in the way and when I think of how to continue to promote this in the middle of the holidays, the “stuff” of the season keeps bogging me down.

It’s a beautiful time of the year lends itself to work holiday parties and get togethers as well as family Christmas reunions and that doesn’t even count obligations within your own families. With children, as many of you know, there are winter sports, Christmas plays, and the expectations, fancies, and wants of Christmas.

It can be magical, but it also can be exhausting. I’ve had a few weeks here now where half the week, I’m not sure that I’ve seen the sun but for an hour each day. It’s felt like a blur. So when I hear something that’s inspirational, it shines brightly and outshines the darkness of the season.

For me, this past Sunday, the pastor at my church talked a lot about “caring.” It focused on how caring is far more than just being nice. Being nice is being nice but we are called to care deeply for others because caring is an act. It is an act of acknowledging someone’s struggle and working to make it better. It is looking at someone and seeing their pain and their struggle and doing something tangible to take away whatever may be making them miserable. And when whatever is burdening them is gone, we rejoice not just in our accomplishment in helping but because that burden, that weight, and those struggles are taken from them.

It got me thinking alot about what Runners Doing Good has tried to do in the past and what we’re attempting to do in a more direct manner this year with Tony and Jayme Dee and the adoption they’re pursuing.

For a long time now, we’ve worked to raise money for causes that were amazing organizations within our community but for us, the involvement was little more than running a crazy race and because of that effort, we’ve been able to raise a lot of money. That’s not insignificant, however, where that money when, how it was applied, and who, specifically, it impacted…those decisions were made by the wonderful organizations we partnered with.


With our campaign 2022 campaign to benefit Tony & Jayme Dee, the impact we’re attempting to make is one that has exponential positive repercussions. They have a mountain to climb, or more appropriately, raise, to make this dream come true but it’s more than just a dream, it’s an answer to a call.

If you read about them in our previous article: Dee Family Adoption: In Their Own Words, you know that this isn’t just something that they decided to do one day. It was something that came to them, that they’ve prayed about, that they’ve discerned if this was right for their family on multiple levels, and despite all of the challenges that an International Adoption presents, they’ve said yes. It hasn’t been easy either but then again, nothing worthwhile generally ever is but they’ve been steadfast in their faith that this is the right path for their family as well as for this young lady that they’re looking to adopt.

For us, what we’re attempting to do is an act of care that helps them raise that mountain of money so that they can pay for all of this. That is a monumental challenge in itself and with the abilities that this team has shown over the last 7 years, we’re confident that we’ll produce. But it’s more than just raising money.

When we talk about an act of care acknowledging someone’s struggles and working to lighten their burden, it’s so much more than just throwing money at the problem. Yes, the end game is to help them hit that goal but in a more big picture way, this is about taking something or things off of their list of things to do.

Over the last several months, I’ve seen and heard of them absolutely hustling and grinding to make this happen. They’ve organized multiple garage sales, sold goods at a couple craft bazaars, poured hot chocolate at a holiday parade, partnered with a local popcorn company for a sale, and most recently took orders for nearly 250 apple dumplings that they made and are delivering themselves.

Apple Dumplings….How yummy are these going to be?!?!?!?!

As you can see, the burden isn’t just monetary but in the work and effort to make it all happen. When they hit their goal, it certainly won’t be for a lack of effort. There will be no “lucking” into this. They will have put blood, sweat, and I’m sure some tears into making this happen.

It’s why CARING, in this case, means seeing that effort and supporting them through trying to raise money, as we’ve done so successfully in the past, so that the burden of operating another garage sale, another round of cooking dumplings, sitting at a craft show for a weekend, and every other thing that they’ve had to do already, is lifted. The hope is that whatever we can raise for them can eliminate a few of the things they’d have to do without our help.


Caring for, supporting them, and helping to lift some of the burdens upon them also has other repercussions because it brings caring, hope, and love to a girl that’s aging out of her country’s foster system.

Think of yourself as a teen. Now think of yourself feeling unwanted during this sensitive, confusing, and complex time of your life? How many of us would have gone down a darker path if we didn’t have the support of a great family? Have many of us have benefited because we had a warm home, clothes to wear, a good education, and a family that loves us? Many of us have and it’s something that no child should go without.

Supporting and caring for the Dees means that we’re supporting their caring of this girl too. It means they’re lifting her burdens by bringing her home and providing her with a life that that only the love and care of a family can give. It means she’s is lifted up and put on a path that is tremendously more positive than if she were emancipated and left out on her own someday soon.

By supporting this campaign, you will support both a family and impact a girl’s trajectory in life. Join us.

Visit Dee Family Adoption to give today!


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