Week 1 Update!!


We’re a day late posting this but so far, the fundraiser to benefit the Dee’s is off to a great start. In fact, we couldn’t be happier with how it’s going. Our best month that we’ve ever had was a shade over $3,000 and that was with a match included in that so really it was a $1,500 month, approximately.

Our first week between our Facebook and GoFundMe pages? $1,240!!!!

We are most definitely well on our way. We received a couple of donations last night that gave us a pretty good boost too and covered a couple of states.

Counting those states, our map looks like this:

It’s getting GREENER!!!

As we mentioned, we’re well on our way. I won’t tell you what our total is right now but my expectation is that we’ll be pushing $2,000 or more by the time we give our 2 week update.

If you would like to support the effort, please visit our GoFundMe page below:

Dee Family Adoption – Go Fund Me Page

Have a great week everyone and we’ll be back next Wednesday with our next update.


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