RDG4DFA: 1 Month Update!


It’s been a heck of a month to say the least. The last several years we’ve been blessed to have had a very generous fellow runner match our donations for a month and we’ve been able to cross $3,000 in a month because of him.

What that, obviously, means is that we’ve been able to raise approximately $1,500 in a month with private donations as a kick-off. We’re truly blessed that this person is a friend and in our corner.

That said, we’ve not put anything together with them this year because the window was tight and we needed to get some funds lined up as soon as possible so that we could ensure that expenses are covered and funds could flow to the Dee’s.

So with that, I’m excited to announce that we’ve crossed the $2,000 mark! We’ve never reached that number without a sponsorship or matching promotion giving folks the shot in the arm needed to coordinate their giving around a certain period of time.

What a great first month! So here’s a huge THANK YOU to all who have given and to those that haven’t, please consider doing so. Every dollar given helps support the team and the Dee’s as we look to give them a major boost in their fundraising efforts so that they can bring their soon to be adopted daughter from Colombia, home.

Visit the following link to give:

Runners Doing Good 4 Dee Family Adoption


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