Runners Doing Good to Again Run to Benefit NeighborLink Fort Wayne

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While we work to formally organize the team as a non-profit entity, it would be easy to say that we should take ’20 off, at least until everything is set because it’d be easier, but when you’ve built a reputation based on running 200 mile relay races, stepping away from a challenge isn’t an option.

So it is with great excitement that we announce that once again, NeighborLink Fort Wayne is the beneficiary of our 2020 running and fundraising campaign!!!

Andrew Hoffman and the team at NLFW were a fantastic partner in 2019 and acknowledging that what we’re attempting to do here takes time and effort to both organize a fundraiser, a team event, and work towards nonprofit status, it was only logical to again work with such a supportive partner and reciprocally, support them.

So that we can give them a top notch effort and work towards the nonprofit piece at the same time, I have sought out ways to be more efficient by finding a race that simplifies the process while also living up to the epic standard that we’ve set for ourselves.

It’s why I am also excited to announce that we will be taking Runners Doing Good to Ragnar Trail Michigan in June!  It checks all of the boxes on the difficulty scale but because it’s a smaller team and 130 miles of trails within a Michigan State Recreational Area with the team camping there, there’s no vans or houses to rent.

Planning should be far simpler than any year we’ve done this and while having fewer runners may result in fewer people working to raise money for the charity but we’re also finding savings of at least $1,000 in expenses with this race.  If we continue to grow our sponsor list, my expectation is that we will return between $1500 – $2000 in area business support to our fundraiser which should mitigate any potential fundraising losses from fewer runners.

Also, we’re selling Runners Doing Good wristbands for $10 each as well.  Once we raise enough to cover our start-up costs, approximately $1,000,  100% of our wristband sales will go towards the fundraiser.  You can purchase one here!

Additionally, if you’re a fan of what we’re doing and of NeighborLink Fort Wayne as well, and want to be a part of the effort, contact me at and I will fill you in on how you can become a Runners Doing Good Ambassador.

Lastly, THANK YOU! This is our 5th year and every time we’ve asked for support, you’ve answered the bell and then some.  We only hoped to raise $1,000 in ’15 and found out we were on to something and then next thing we know, 5 years passes in the blink of an eye and we’re on the doorstep of raising our 25,000th dollar for Fort Wayne area charity.   My heart warms and my mind almost explodes thinking about it.  I hope we’ve made you proud to support what we do.


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