This Is What It Is About!


When we first made the decision to partner with NeighborLink Fort Wayne , it wasn’t an easy decision.  We’d been running to benefit a local children’s charity for 3 years, having run 4 long distance relay races to benefit them and had raised approximately $17,000 for them.

We started slowly but every year built upon each other considerably.  Time, as it tends to do, brings change.  I’m not sure about them but for us, the change was for the better.  It didn’t come without it’s worry that those that supported us  in the past wouldn’t carry over to our newest endeavour but within a short time, that worry proved to be nonsense.

NeighborLink Fort Wayne proved to be a wonderful partner to work with that allowed us to work hard on their behalf while trusting in our process and allowing us to do our thing.  That support allowed us to flourish as we raised nearly $7500 as we beat our previous record by almost $1,000.

Today, they gave us a gift that we’d never received before: something tangible that we can say we helped.  We had always known that our efforts, in the past with our previous charity, helped further their mission, today we have photgraphic evidence of what that nearly $7500 meant.

It meant that, as the temps finally dropped into the teens this winter for the first multi-day sustained colder temps, someone’s home is warmer.  Last week someone received a new furnace through our efforts to support NeighborLink Fort Wayne.  We truly are grateful to be working with such a kind and caring organization. 



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