A Year of Thanks

“The New Year stands before us, like a chapter in a book, waiting to be written.”  — Melody Beattie

As the final hours of 2019 wind down, it is fitting to reflect on it.  Not everything was or is ever perfect but there’s always something for which thanks is warranted.  Here’s a quick list of a few things I’m thankful for in ’19.

  • Friends!
      • Much of what I do and what the team does has been done on the back of friends.  Without them, nothing is possible.
  • Ragnar Relay
      • It’s become a platform for achieving greatness.  I don’t know that we could be able to raise the money we have the last few years without something epic being done.  It certainly checks all of the boxes when it comes to epic.  That’s for certain.
  • Encouragement
      • It goes without saying but without certain people, this just wouldn’t be possible.  Friends, family, and all of our donors who have supported myself and the team so strongly these last 5 years.  It’s truly be a lot of fun to do all of this.  With all of you, we can’t go wrong!
  • Adversity
      • Ragnar Michigan was a heck of a challenge once again.  Enough so that we’re not doing that exact course again.  Working to raise $5,000 is daunting but that’s what we’re aiming for again.  We’ve proven to ourselves and others that even with a little bit of encourage and a whole lot of the above, we can accomplish anything.  And that thought  is what has me so enthusiastic about 2020.


What are you most thankful for as 2019 fades into the past?  Also, what are you looking most forward to in 2020?

Happy New Year’s Eve everyone. May today be a fitting, safe, and happy close to 2019 for you all and a wonderful opening of the door that is 2020.



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