Run-Gooder #3 – Tim


“If runners don’t support each other, who will?”  – Tim Green.

Yea, the very Tim pictured above.  I ran across Tim the first time in 2015.  I had just started Runnin Not Walken and I was pushing the heck out of it on social media hoping to blow this thing up.  I ended up finding out that it’s not that easy but liking Tim wasn’t.

Tim had been a runner on the Runderful Runners squad as part of the earthathon and I’d always noticed his posts because he was always running somewhere cool whether it was near the Pacific Ocean or on some mountain trail in Colorado.  Tim seemed pretty cool just by that alone but I’d never conversed with him to that point.

Then in the middle of RNW: Year 1, we get a donation to our cause from a Tim Green and I’m like, “Does anyone know a Tim Green?” to the team because I didn’t.  No one did.  I was stumped so I had to ask him who he knew on the team and his response blew me away.  He just said that he loved our team name and what we were doing so he thought he’d contribute.  I was shocked to say the least.

In the years since then, he has as well and we’ve grown to know each other a bit and even found out we have a mutual friend.  The world certainly is a small place but it feels infinitely smaller when a country kid from Northeast Indiana finds out that a guy and his wife who lived in Colorado knew his wife’s cousin, who grew up 2 hours away, when her husband and Tim’s wife were in college.  It truly is remarkable and since then I’ve talked more with Tim and he’s a pretty amazing guy.

His quote stuck with me about a bit over a year ago.  “If runners don’t support each other, who will?”  It can ring true for a lot of groups but runners are a special breed.  I’ve played some different sports in my life and you’ve always run across the one guy who acts like he’s better than everyone else and while he might be, no one’s really a fan.

With runners, I find the good ones downplay who good they really are and often are the ones cheering on us slower runners!  I’ve been blessed to have some great runners on Runnin’ Not Walken and everyone has an “oh gosh” sentimentality about how good they are.  It’s appealing and welcoming to be a part of a community that’s like that.  Tim has really inspired me to push that and that’s a lot of why this site and the twitter handle exist.

It’s about supporting and raising up a runner for coming back from injury, pregnancy, a running drought, depression, a big weight loss, or just someone who’s running to benefit a group or individual that could use the help.  If we don’t support each other, who will???

It’s inspired me to do more of that, following his lead.  It takes a share or retweet and someone’s fundraiser can reach people they’d never dreamed up.  One great runner, Emily from the UK is running to benefit a children’s charity.  I know that I’ve donated as well as Tim and others and she’s hit her goal.  It really is a beautiful thing to help these Runners Doing Good out there but it’s going to take more than a couple people.

So as I thank Tim for being who he is, a kick-ass runner, cool dude, overall nice guy, and true champion of runners everywhere, let’s strive to be like him by jumping on the bandwagon and making an effort to support any runner who’s looking to make a difference.

It doesn’t all have to be monetary either.  Tell them they’re doing great and encourage them to keep up the good work.  Share their story with those that might donate if it’s not possible for you.  It could be anything you choose but make sure you participate somehow.

So THANK YOU Tim for being who you are, your support and encouragement throughout the years, and one day, there’s a beer and a handshake to be had in thanks.  The first round’s on me, my friend.  Who’s with us?

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